The Miracle of Aloe

Our Philosophy!

We promote people’s awareness of the healing and restorative powers of the ancient Aloe Vera plant and provide consumers with only the finest Aloe Vera health and beauty products through our unique UltraAloe process. 

At Miracle of Aloe®, we care about our customers and strive to make every purchase a satisfying experience through outstanding customer service and a wide range of products.

It all started with an aloe vera plant on a kitchen windowsill in the Clarke family kitchen. Our founder, Jess F. Clarke Jr. lovingly recounts his childhood and how his mother Evelyn would break off a leaf and spread the soothing gel on his burns, bug bites, cuts, and chapped fingers. The gel cooled, soothed, and healed his skin. It left an impression on him that has remained throughout his life.

As a young man Jess worked for several small companies where he began learning how a successful business could be created that could not only make profit, but more importantly, could also make a real difference in the lives of its customers.

Miracle Of Aloe - History

In 1981, with the encouragement and help of friends and family, Jess worked as a salesman for a tiny, floundering company named “Isle of Aloe” that made a couple aloe vera products for the specialty health market. When that company closed, Jess launched Miracle of Aloe in Westport, Connecticut. Jess’ parents, Jess Sr. and Evelyn Clarke, contributed with product suggestions and evaluations that would help the elderly population with relief so they could spend more quality time with their grandkids. Jess expanded on this idea so all people could experience this naturally based line of products and improve their quality of life. The first few years were hard – Jess worked tirelessly to improve the original product formulations and to introduce the Miracle of Aloe brand to homes across the country. Little by little, people started talking about our products, and how they were giving them natural relief for all sorts of ailments.

In 1970, Jess met with the owner of the legendary Dr. Collins' Aloe Vera Ointment Company that had its genesis in 1943 Los Alamos Manhattan Project where Aloe Vera was proven to be the best treatment for radiation burns. Jess helped Dr. Collins develop mail-order techniques to increase deliverability of these products so more people could experience the benefits. Jess believed that the aloe vera plant is a gift from nature. Since then, it has contributed to less expensive, high-quality healthcare by speeding up healing, lessening pain, moistening dry skin, increasing immune system function, and has become a “wonder drug” for millions around the world.

By 1985, Jess’ son Jess III (everyone just calls him “JC” to prevent confusion), had graduated from college and joined the company as its second full-time employee. A year later, Chris Sykes, a college roommate of JC's excited by the health care possibilities of the humble Aloe plant, became the third full-time employee of Miracle of Aloe.

Since then, the company has moved its headquarters to Fort Worth TX, with additional offices located in Florida. Miracle of Aloe has grown as a family business renowned worldwide in the healthcare field for its high quality and effective Aloe Vera products. Today, Miracle of Aloe manufactures a line of over thirty different health, skin and beauty care products covering everything from facial to foot care.

Jess and Miracle of Aloe are committed to bringing about substantial gains in world healthcare by providing inexpensive and effective self-care health products using the enzyme-active Aloe Vera gel derived from our own unique UltraAloe process.

Forever a family-owned and operated business, Miracle of Aloe has three generations of Clarkes who have taken on the history and are dedicated to promoting the use of Aloe Vera worldwide. JC is now president and runs the day-to-day operations of the company. From time to time, Jess’ other two sons, Curtis and Judd, join him to lend a hand in the family business that is close to their hearts.

The Clarke family’s commitment to world health has been reinforced again and again by solid scientific evidence proving the ability of Aloe Vera gel to help speed wound healing, lessen pain and fight inflammation. Before their passing, Jess Sr. and Evelyn created “The Aloe Institute” to further develop the understanding and uses of the aloe vera plant. The institute is now known as “The Clarke Family Foundation,” and Miracle of Aloe has continued the family tradition by joining the International Aloe Science Council, a non-profit voice that advances, promotes, and represents the leaders in the aloe industry world-wide.